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Aliyah O’Brien in Spider - SX70

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Gail and Holly
Solving Crimes and Making Out

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Guess I hurt her feelings. She doesn’t have feelings. [requested by anonymous]

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Anonymous said: prompt: sadly not everyone is as cool as the people of 15. can you write gail and holly encountering homophobia and how they deal with it? thanks :)


(The general plot for this particular prompt may seem a bit out there, but it actually stems from a very real local news story I saw the other day. It sickens me that someone could actually think and act like this. It really hurt my heart, but I couldn’t get it out of my head as something that Gail and Holly could, unfortunately, face in the future.)

Mrs. Johansen, the old biddy that lived in the house next door, was staring at them again. Holly ignored her. Gail stared right back, daring her to say something.

So far, she’d just been a nuisance as opposed to a real threat.

The day that Gail and Holly had moved in to their new house, just over three weeks prior, she’d actually been friendly. She’d said she’d seen the moving van outside and wanted to come over to welcome the new neighbors to the community. She’d smiled at Holly’s very pregnant belly (the purchase of the house had kept getting delayed due to some issues with the seller, and they now only had a month until Holly’s due date to get things settled and ready for baby number one). The lady asked if Holly knew the gender, then clapped in excitement when Holly told her it was a girl.

Gail had been upstairs unpacking Holly’s medical journals onto the giant, built-in bookcase in the home office (she’d probably done it wrong, but Holly could just fix it however she wanted later). She had been making her way down the stairs when she’d heard the old lady ask where Holly’s husband was. Holly had laughed, of course, and waved Gail over. Then she’d introduced Gail as her wife.

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Oh yeah… I read that on the news last week… I don’t understand the world sometimes….

Gail Peck + Favorite S5 Moments [1/?] 

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