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Tits D'ont Lie
Anonymous said: Prompt. Holly going through labor and Gail everyone thinking Gail will freak out but she's overly calm til she hold the baby.


Hi hello thank you for the prompt please enjoy:

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AU Golly - Sci-Fi / Rookie Blue…

After a weird accident, Gail is 12 again… Holly have to deal with it…

Someone write this



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Someone should’ve warned me that this game is addictive. Now I cannot stop playing.

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Anonymous said: prompt: holly has an identical twin sister and the sister's staying at holly's apartment but gail doesn't know about her and gail shows up and accidentally kisses holly's sister and holly finds the whole thing hilarious but gail is kind of grossed out because she kissed someone who's not holly


dude this prompt almost got me in serious shit with my family. i hope you’re happy (no relax im kidding, though my sister who was reading all my stuff over my shoulder would probably have had a fit upon reading gay things) (also I can’t remember who first named Holly’s sister Grace but I’m sticking with it)

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OMG you have to write more of that!!!


It’s weird, but Nick’s the first to know.

~ * ~ 

“Jon, can I get a Jack and Coke,” Nick said as he stepped up the bar. Confident that the bartender had heard his order, he turned to look at the woman next to him. “Hey, good looking,” he teased her, “what’s a guy gotta do to get your number?”

Gail looked him up and down, and then rolled her eyes.  “Sorry, soldier, you had your chance. And I’m taken” she said and went back to drumming her fingers on the wood of the bar, the glint of her wedding ring sparkling under the bar lights overhead.

She looked exhausted, Nick realized. Exhausted and something else.  There was something going on with her, and he was a little concerned.  Partly because she’d seemed just a little off the last few times he rode with her, and in their line of work “a little off” could lead to big mistakes and big consequences. But mostly, he was worried because ex-or not, married or not, she was still his friend.

At least, he considered her a friend.  And because she’d been mostly friendly to him lately—as close as Gail ever got to “friendly” with people who weren’t her wife, that is—he was hoping she thought the same of him.

“Gail,” he asked softly, just enough so she could hear him, “is everything okay?”

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Anonymous said: Gail x Holly AU Prompt: Holly has just moved to Toronto and is still decorating her apartment. It's 3am, and she just finished looking over her notes for her first meeting as Chief Medical Examiner tomorrow morning, when the fire alarm in the apartment complex goes off. In her rush, she forgets her jacket, and is freezing outside. Gail, another building resident, notices Holly shivering and lends Holly her uniform jacket. The two strike up a conversation.



Holly swore under her breath. Which she could literally see in the bitter cold. Goddammit, she was a freaking doctor. She had an IQ of 163 for fucks sake! You’d think a genius scientist would remember to grab a jacket before venturing outside when it was only a few degrees above freezing, yet there she stood in her yoga pants (thank god she’d grabbed long pants instead of the boxer-type shorts she normally wore as pajamas) and freaking ribbed knit tank top. She didn’t even have a bra on!

She kept her arms crossed as she shuffled from one Ugg-clad foot to the other, trying, and failing miserably, to stay warm. 

It had been nearly ten minutes since the fire alarm had gone off, forcing an evacuation of the building.

Welcome to the complex, Holly Stewart.

What a welcome, indeed. It was only her second night in the building, her fifth night in Toronto. She was due to start her shiny new job in the morning—in exactly 5 hours and 16 minutes, to be precise—and the stupid fire alarm wouldn’t shut up. And she was freezing. 

Freaking great. 

She tried jumping in place to generate some body heat. 

No dice. 

She glanced around and noted groups of tenants from her building huddled together. Damn, she should have been more social. Why hadn’t she introduced herself to anyone yet? She could be stealing body heat!

The building manager appeared and explained that there was no fire, but a malfunction with the fire alarm system. But because of a city ordinance, no one was allowed back in the building until the system could be reset by the fire department. They estimated another fifteen minutes or so. 


"God, you must be freezing," a voice said from her left. 

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Gail x Holly - Adorable Dorks


This is what happens when I start grad school and can’t sleep:

Gail sighed, tapping her foot impatiently in the dirt. This line was taking forever, and all she wanted was a damn ICEE. It had been ten minutes just standing there. Maybe she could swoop in and use her badge, declaring it a cherry ICEE emergency? She toyed with the badge still in her pocket from her morning shift. No, she guessed it would be an unethical use of police resources.

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Noelle Carbone (RB’s writer): “Aliyah hit pretty much all of her pitches while Charlotte launched her bat out of sheer terror after every pitch. Which is why they’re both genuinely laughing their asses off in this scene. Charlotte is a menace with a bat.
-Rookie Blue Behind the Scenes Commentary - Season 4, Episode 9

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