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Goodnight Gail

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Anonymous said: Ok now I really wanna know how the peck family dinner night ends!!


Gail looked over at Holly as they drove, “You’re going the wrong direction.”

“What?” Holly pulled to a stop at a stop sign.

Gail nodded, “I moved.”

“Oh, I’m sorry,” Holly stayed stopped at the sign, “Where do you live now?”

“There are some apartments by 15 Division,” Gail answered, resting her head on the back of the seat, “I couldn’t let Chris sleep on the couch anymore and I figured it was time to move into my own place.” Gail sighed, “My own place.”

“Must be nice living so close to work,” Holly offered turning right so that she could turn right again and go in the opposite direction.

Gail shrugged, “I mean, since I don’t have to decide how to do my hair anymore, I can sleep in like an extra hour.”

“That is definitely something that I could get in to,” Holly smiled, “My lease is up soon. Maybe I’ll move closer to work too.”

“Are you going to move in with your new girlfriend?” Gail asked, trying to make conversation and not sound bitter.

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Rookie Blue 5.09

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thejollyape said: Beach fic.


[also going to add a little homage to this image]

“If I turn into a lobster, I’m blaming you,” Gail muttered as she trudged through the hot sand.

Holly laughed. “That’s what the SPF 45 sunscreen and giant umbrella is for,” she said, guiding them to a fairly secluded section of beach near the water. She set her oversized beach tote on the sand and unfolded one of the two lounging chairs she held, handing the other to Gail.

Gail still wasn’t impressed. She could already feel her skin soaking up too much sun. She glared at Holly. “Why can’t we just go back to the hotel? The bed is huge and comfy and the sheets are so soft. Perfect for intense sex. Your favorite kind of sex. And if you think I’m difficult under normal circumstances, I’m about ten times as bad with a sunburn. And I burn really easily. I’m just thinking of you, here!”

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Has someone already noticed that? I mean.. It happens 3 times already (maybe more???? I don’t know…)

Exes & Ohs


Bates Hotel


Rookie Blue


The same tv shows… always the same episode… ((((And sorry Lara Gilchrist but I always want to punch your characters in the face!!))))

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Torri’s New Twitter Photo

— Puppet General Hammond

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I read so much gay fanfiction that when I go to pick up an actual book I am shocked and appalled by all of the heterosexuality

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